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BIG thanx for the Pentasonic Blues Licks video Robbie. At last a definitive and complete tutorial, well presented and easy to follow. Much appreciated! /Simon
Hey Muldoon, miss ya
Saturday nights show was amazing! You were on fire. As usual, a good time was had by everyone in the room. Thank you to and your band for an enjoyable evening.
Great show @ 99. Wasn't expecting the psychedelic blurs with James. A real sonic treat.
Are you still using the guitar strap? Let us know. Living in Ashland area.
Very interested in lessons. Will check in soon.
Hey Rob! It's been a really long time, but I remember taking lessons in your living room in the early 90s. It's good to see that you have had such success. I hope it continues, as I've never met anyone as talented as yourself, Rob. My wife and I travel quite frequently for concerts, so if you could send me some tour/show dates, I'd love to see you again. Thanx Rob, and again, best wishes! SAM
It is rare to find a great player and communicator in your backyard...Robbie possesses all these qualities and the chops to prove it. Do yourself a favor: quit noodling on the couch and take a giant leap to becoming the player you want to be-take a lesson from Robbie Laws!
Very awesome teacher!!! Fantastic Online Lessons!