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Hey Muldoon, miss ya
Ask anything you want to know about Robbie Laws, but please be appropriate and keep it brief!
Saturday nights show was amazing! You were on fire. As usual, a good time was had by everyone in the room. Thank you to and your band for an enjoyable evening.
Great show @ 99. Wasn't expecting the psychedelic blurs with James. A real sonic treat.
Are you still using the guitar strap? Let us know. Living in Ashland area.
Very interested in lessons. Will check in soon.
Hey Rob! It's been a really long time, but I remember taking lessons in your living room in the early 90s. It's good to see that you have had such success. I hope it continues, as I've never met anyone as talented as yourself, Rob. My wife and I travel quite frequently for concerts, so if you could send me some tour/show dates, I'd love to see you again. Thanx Rob, and again, best wishes! SAM
It is rare to find a great player and communicator in your backyard...Robbie possesses all these qualities and the chops to prove it. Do yourself a favor: quit noodling on the couch and take a giant leap to becoming the player you want to be-take a lesson from Robbie Laws!
Very awesome teacher!!! Fantastic Online Lessons!